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The Monome is fully customizable multi-purpose midi controller. Use it to control Midi devices, lights, simulators, tonal maps...use your imagination.

  • Three models: 256 pads, 128 pads, 64 pads
  • Priced: $1400, $800, $450
  • Communication: Serial, MIDI, and OpenSoundControl (OSC) message.s over USB 2.0.
  • Works with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Most applications have been developed using Max/MSP and Chuck
  • Each of the 256/128/64 pads is fully configurable. The user is able to assign MIDI Continuous Controller (CC), MIDI Note, or OSC messages to each of the individual pads.
  • Circuit Bending and Build your own kits are available
  • The monome.org encourages "Circuit Bending" and shows where you can start modifing the hardward.

Cool Application: Cyclone