Print Designs

The following Print Designs were created for a 2001 Grupo de Jovenes (Youth Group) for a church in Hayward California. The purpose was to promote the group and bring in new members.

The logo has 6 different posibilities in combination of three colors, Blue, Orange and White.

Business Cards
General Card with the Youth Group's contact information or a Personalized one in options between One side or Two sides.

Black & white flyers were designed for copying purposes. Color versions were also created for special occassions.

Letterhead and Envelope's were also created to incorporate the group's design.

Graduation Invitation
I used the front to display the Graduation Ceremony and the Back to provide information about the celebration.

Car Show Maps
This map was designed to display the location of each of the Car's Categories as well as the location for Registration, BBQ, Smoking, Kids' Pay Area.



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