There's No Place like Home Pin

Stock Number: BR2005
Size: 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
Price: $125.

Every once in a while we are reminded with undeniable clarity that there is no place like home. Whether home is a place or a person, we know we are there by the feeling in our heart. This pin is constructed from sterling silver, bone and copper. The back plate of sterling is textured to generously receive the patina. The little house is made out of stained bone, and is bezel set. The decorative copper rivets add a warm color contrast. At one and a half inches square it is perfect for a lapel pin, and light enough to wear on most summer fabrics. Each pin, like each home, varies a little.

Heart in Flight

Stock Number: BR2005
Materials: Sterling silver, copper, garnet, miniature brass screws.
Size: 2.75 x 1.75 inches.
Price: $110.

This piece is a favorite of mine for Valentine’s Day. The wings, serrated edge of the copper and the heart all recall a longed for Valentine arriving in the mail. The French word "ami" is a lovely word, because it is at once ambiguous and inclusive. It means friend, well-wisher, favourer, patron, lover. Who couldn’t fit within those boundaries? I guess it’s kind of like being called honey. We know it has an entirely different meaning when spoken by a waitress, or our fondest sweetheart. Let someone know they are your "ami" every time they wear this, whether it is your best friend, or your heart’s desire.

Heart "Reaching" Brooch

Stock Number: BR2000
Materials: Sterling silver, copper, brass, carnelians.
Size: 2.5" long.
Price: $125.