Frozen Blooms Earrings

Stock Number: E2004g
Size: 2.5 inches long and .75 inches wide
Materials: 14K gold and agate
Price: $400.

Lake Ontario Beach Glass Earrings

Stock Number: E2024
Size: From .5 - 2.5 inches (13 mm - 6.3 mm) long
Materials: Sterling silver and glass
Price: $50.

I simply can't imagine living someplace where there wasn't access to water. There is something so completely relaxing about listening to the lapping waves on the shore, and what activity says summer time any better then beach combing? These beach glass earrings are the fruits of many strolls along the shore of Lake Ontario. Each piece individually sculpted and polished by nature. I have furnished the bezel and ear wire for wearing. You can request by color and approximate size. White, light aqua, green, brown. It looks really neat when you mix colors and sizes.

Feeling Sentimental Earrings

Stock Number: E2024
Size: 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter
Materials: Sterling silver and garnets
Price: $95.

There is something about the approach of winter's end that makes me feel kind of sentimental and introspective. It's in February and March that I pull out Jane Austin and Edith Wharton to re-read. And there is something special about a pair of earrings that someone dear always commented on. Whenever you wear them you hear a soft whisper in your ear.

Autumn Aztec Earrings

Stock Number: E2023
Size: 2.5 inches (6.2 cm) long
Materials: Sterling silver, Montana agate, and jasper.
Price: $250

The color and feel of these earrings make me think of fall, the maize gods of Mexico, and of harvest time. Each pair of earrings has a different combination of bezel set stones in a variety of colors and shapes, each sure to inspire flights of fancy of your own. The patinated surface of the earrings accents the elaborate design.