Poetry Box Necklace

Stock Number: N2013
Size: Pendant 3.5 inches long, necklace 16 inches long.
Materials: Sterling silver, PMC, hand-cut jasper, citrine and black onyx
Price: $600.

This one-of-a-kind necklace is a favorite of mine. I enjoy things that are mysterious and private. The fabricated hollow sterling "box" holds a tiny scroll of paper with a poem inside. The back of the box is heavily patterned, PMC beads give lush weight and texture, and hand-cut jasper evokes imaginary landscapes. The citrine bezel set on the sides of the box catch light in unexpected ways. Stones vary from one piece to the next. Poems are chosen by each individual. The accompanying gift box contains a copy of the poem hidden inside the necklace.

Navigating Towards the Shores of Happiness Necklace

Stock Number: N2016
Size: 2.75 inches (7 cm) long x 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide x .25 inches (8 mm) deep
Materials: Copper
Price: $100.

I'm not much of a boater, but I realized that the boat as a metaphor is extremely pleasing to me, as is evident by the old boat prints, wooden boat toys and models I have collected over the years. In yoga class we do meditations that remind us to keep happiness and abundance of spirit on the horizon. I have learned over the years that if you steer straight at something, it's hard to miss it.
These copper vessels are hollow construction and completely hand-fabricated. (That's six separate pieces of copper, and nine soldering procedures.) They are heavily patinated and have holes in the front hull to accept the leather cord.

Walk in the Park Necklace

Stock Number: N2015
Size: 18 inches long (45cm), center beads 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter
Materials: Silver Precious Metal Clay and polymer clay
Price: $600.

Sometimes a wonderful moment needs to be captured. I often make pieces that are like stop-action photography. A simple phrase can evoke the nuance and expression of an experience. These necklaces, though alike in concept, are all a little different, which is one of the joys and strengths of working with precious metal clay. Each necklace has slightly different beads in the back, colors and shapes in the polymer evolve too. The best part, the little "story" on the nine front beads is unique to each necklace. (This one says "fall on the ground and stare at the sky") The front beads can be arranged to show the polymer side or the precious metal clay side, and the one-of-a-kind toggle clasps are handmade in precious metal clay.