Specialty Items  

Copper Drawer Handles

Stock Number: H1001
Size: 2 inches wide x 6 inches long
Materials: Copper, polymer clay
Price: $20. each

Yep, I'm a nut for copper. These drawer handles are something I have been wanting to make for a long time. If you look at the picture in last month's newsletter, you will see the ones I have in my own kitchen. (I used wine corks as the end pieces in mine.) They fit the standard holes for most handles, and you can request colors that match your room. You can also request to have them coated so that they stay the new copper color, or leave them natural as I have so they will patina over time. On kitchen cupboards, or dresser drawers, they get an instant response! They are not recommended for cupboards that face each other.

Copper House Numbers

Stock Number: H1000
Size: 3.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long
Materials: Copper
Price: $15. each

Add a touch of individuality and class to your home with these hand cut and finished copper house numbers. You can hang them vertically or horizontally. (See the November Newsletter for the numbers I have hung on my house.) Their patina finish will continue to naturally age outdoors. Each comes with drilled holes on the top and bottom for brass tacks that are included. These are made to order, so please allow three weeks for arrival.

Hair Sticks

Stock Number and Prices
HS2000 Autumn Leaf $25
HS2001 Square $25
HS2002 Zigzag $25
HS2003 Dots $25

Ever since I was first shown how to wear hair sticks I have adored them. They are simple and elegant at the same time. The immediate impulse is to think of them as oriental. But I can’t imagine that all cultures didn’t figure out how to use these, especially when I watch my friend Sally, who is the Gallery Director at High Falls, absentmindedly twist up her hair as she is talking, and jab a few pencils in there! These hair sticks are decorated bone and patinated sterling silver. They measure 13cm or about five inches long. The bone sticks will vary according to availability. The domed, two-sided, sterling silver finial may be selected.

Copper Books

Stock Number and Prices
Bk2000 Love $35
Bk2001 Dream $35
Bk2002 Hope $35
Bk2003 Dance $35
Bk2004 Imagine $35
Bk2005 Special Order Word or Name (up to 15 characters) $45

These personal blank books are treasured by everyone who receives them, because each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. With hand tooled, patinated copper covers, and sand colored blank pages within, they make perfect journals, address books, or photo albums. These books are embellished with inspirational words stamped directly into the copper cover, with three-dimensional corresponding imagery. You can choose from HOPE, DREAM, DANCE, IMAGINE, or LOVE. Or select a name or an inspirational word of your own! Each book comes with a handmade gift tag, photo corners, and information about the artist. Book covers measure 4.5’ x 6’. Seventy-five pages, heavy stock. Pages will accommodate 3’ x 5’ photographs. Each book is signed by the artist.