Thoughts from the Studio - August 2003

Summer is the season we make any excuse we can to be outdoors. So when my friend Jan Hewitt Towsley, a weaver and member of Anderson’s Alley, asked me to join in on a backpacking trip, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t been backpacking in twenty years, and I wanted to know if I still had the right stuff.

Well, here are some of the things I zenned on after I got home from the Adirondacks: First, it IS possible to live without your curling iron and makeup for four days. (This can only be accomplished if you do NOT take a mirror.) Second, you do not need to pack jewelry-making supplies on a backpacking trip. But, you can’t have too many socks. Washing your hair in a freezing mountain stream is NOT like the commercials. Hot food, no matter what it is, tastes like heaven. Duct tape CAN be a fashion accessory. The only things worth their weight in a pack are bags of wine. Mosquitoes do not follow the rules of the Geneva Convention. Leaving blood on your skin and wearing it like tattoos is a sign, I’m just not sure of what. Watching chipmunks suck up strings of spaghetti is better then anything on cable. It’s astonishing how excited you can get about a freshly dug outhouse. And surprisingly, spontaneous outbursts of “Kum by ya” around the campfire are not as universally accepted by your fellow campers as one might think.

It was a great trip and I give a real heartfelt thanks to Jan, Mike, Fran and Tom for making me feel like part of the gang. I haven’t been so dirty and had so much fun in a long time. (Photo credit to Tom Meade)

I’ve got one more Precious Metal Clay workshop at the Genesee Pottery starting August 2. The new fall schedule should be completed by the end of the month, so be sure to check the “workshops page” for new listings.

A sneak preview of things to come. I will be in a one-person show at the Gallery at Genesee Pottery this October 10th. I am putting out a call for any of my past Pottery students, (and by now there is a legion of you!). I would very much like you to donate a piece of YOUR work for my show. Get in touch with me, by email, or contact the Pottery. You all have made such exciting pieces I thought it was time to give them some public visibility, as well as allowing me to say thank you for all the energy and excitement you have given me over the last three years there.

My June auction had a surprising result, I had no winner! (I wondered at the wisdom of ending it right before the July 4th holiday…) So just let this be a reminder, the next time I run an auction, a $10 bid could get you a pair of 14k gold earrings!

If you have any heirlooms you are planning to pass down this holiday season, and they need to be adjusted or repaired, don’t wait too long. And remember you can stop by on your way back from the Public Market on Saturday’s!

Praying for peace…and honesty,