Repairs for items in my catalog
Please email me with a description of your repair. If we agree it's something I can do, package your piece carefully, and ship it second day Priority Mail, and be sure to insure it. The Post office has nifty little Priority Mail boxes that are just the right size for jewelry, and they are free. The box prevents the possibility of crushing. Include a check for the agreed amount of your repair plus $7.95 for return shipping and insurance. Be sure to put your return address and the amount of insurance you want on the return trip in the box. (Insurance up to $50 is all one price.) If you are having an earring repaired, send both because if I have to repolish it after soldering, it will look cleaner and brighter then the other. Once your check clears I will return the pieces to you in about two weeks. If there is going to be a delay, while I order parts, I will tell you that upfront. A digital photograph helps a lot, but be aware that are rare occasions when once I have seen the actual piece I may have to determine the repair is not possible. Be sure to give me a heads up on the day you have shipped, so I can look for your package.

Repairs for other jewelry
Customers are always delighted to find out that they can bring repairs to me. I hear a similar story almost every time. They were disappointed to be told by a jewelry store that their repair couldn't be done. When you think about it, it makes sense. Most storefront jewelry stores just don't have the time to bother with the repair of a piece of jewelry they cannot readily replace out of their own inventory should something go wrong.

That's where I come in. I have successfully been repairing jewelry for years, and have gotten pretty good at eyeballing the pieces I can fix, and those I can't. I tell customers right up front if I think the cost is overwhelming for the value of the piece. But I am also the person to come to if you do want that sentimental friendship ring you got at the carnival repaired. I give your piece of jewelry my best service, with the mutual knowledge that I cannot be a mind reader about how a piece may have been originally constructed, and therefore am not responsible for an unforeseen disaster. (I've never had one yet.)

Price list
Turn around on repairs is about two weeks. For information on shipping please go to the Orders page.
if you have a question about a repair you have that is not on this list, certainly contact me.

R1 1 pair surgical steel welded earring posts replaced, complete with large sterling earnuts. Cleaning included. $20.
R2 1 pair sterling earring posts replaced, complete with large sterling earnuts. (Soldering requires complete refinishing, polishing and cleaning.) $30.
R3 1 pair surgical steel posts epoxied on costume jewelry, complete with large sterling earnuts. Cleaning included. $14.
R4 1 pair of large sterling earnuts $3.
R5 1 pair sterling French earwires replaced. Heavyweight. Cleaning included. $12.
R6 Basic soldering repair. $15.
R7 Basic soldering repair, when complete refinishing is required. $25.
R8 1 pair converted earring posts to sterling ear clips. (Complete refinishing required after soldering.) $35.
R9 Epoxy pinback on costume jewelry $7.
R10 Reshape, clean and polish ring. $10.
R11 Resize ring one size. Clean and polish. $12.
R12/1 Dent repair: shape, file, sand, buff, polish. $10.
R12/2 Dent repair: 2 dents. $12.
R12/3 Dent repair: 3 dents. $15.
R13 1 pair adjust ear clip. Cleaning included. $10.
R14 Restring necklace up to 28". $25.
R14/2 Restring double strand necklace up to 28". $35.
R14/3 Restring triple strand necklace up to 28". $50.
R15 Replace necklace catch with sterling hook and eye. $5.
R16 Restring pearl or other necklace individually knotted up to 24". Cleaning included. $30.
R17 Basic adjust and cleaning. $7.
R18 Basic non-solder repair and cleaning $10.
R19 1 pair of 14K gold earnuts $10
R20 Remake matching earring, 1/2 plus 15%