Web Designs

I designed this website to present Virtec, a Multimedia Thesis.
Dollar Bill Origami
Along with my classmates, we created this course to teach kids how to create Origimi using a Dollar Bill. I was in charge of designing and creating the pages for the site.
AGTE - The Handicraft Jewelry
Re-design of www.agte.com. Kept the same feel of original site, but organized and designed it to make it user friendly.
Print Creations
Designed the website that would provide their clients a way to view and choose a design to their liking for their printing purposes.
Civil War Videotaped Course
Website created to promote CSUH - Extension's Civil War videotaped course in 2000.
Midi Music
Designed and created website to present how artists use Midi controllers to create music along with classmates.
Old and New Media
Designed and created the website to present how artists use old and new media to create artwork.
Art Presentation
Created website to present Art. The design was by a classmate.
I created and designed this website to highlight the use of imagery as links.
Small site hightlighting Lucero, as a mexican singer.
Jovenes Nueva Vida
Using Flash I designed and created the website to promote a Church Youth Group in 2000.



Web Designs

Print Designs

Art Work

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